Your Hostess

Well, hi there! I'm so happy that you're here.

I believe the best creativity is collaborative! This modest little blog is such a great outlet for me to share ideas with you and, in turn, benefit from your comments, thoughts, and advice.

I love to create. That's my word of choice. Taking leftover, discarded, or unusual materials and creating something usable and unexpected with them. I love the challenge and the victory that comes with the finished product!

I love to give. I've always been a giver. Even as a little girl, I would take my hard-earned allowance and buy presents for all of my friends. Love, love, love. I hope to use this community to give to others. Little happies... plenty to go 'round.

As fortune would have it, my time is divided between a full-time job in marketing, a full-time job as a mommy (to two handsome little fellows), grad school, and then, of course, running a house, giving my husband the attention he deserves, making time for friends... the list goes on and on. All that to say, this blog is updated on the weekends - in between naps and groceries... when I'm lucky.

So, enjoy your time on my little piece of web-estate. Please comment on the posts that you find inspirational. Share your ideas and constructive criticism.

And, come back soon.