Your Hostess

Well, hi there! I'm so happy that you're here.

I believe the best creativity is collaborative! This modest little blog is such a great outlet for me to share ideas with you and, in turn, benefit from your comments, thoughts, and advice.

I love to create. That's my word of choice. Taking leftover, discarded, or unusual materials and creating something usable and unexpected with them. I love the challenge and the victory that comes with the finished product!

I love to give. I've always been a giver. Even as a little girl, I would take my hard-earned allowance and buy presents for all of my friends. Love, love, love. I hope to use this community to give to others. 

As fortune would have it, my time is divided between a full-time job in marketing, a full-time job as a mommy (to two handsome fellows), and then, of course, running a house, making time for friends... the list goes on and on. All that to say, this blog is updated on the weekends... when I'm lucky.

So, enjoy your time on my little piece of web-estate. Please comment on the posts that you find inspirational. Share your ideas and constructive criticism.

And, come back soon.