Simplicity 2472

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Sometimes projects just don't turn out the way you envisioned them.

For some of us (pointing at myself), that happens more often than it should.

I purchased this really fun, 90s-tastic knit from Girl Charlee, thinking it would make a great pair of leggings. And, honestly, it will probably make a GREAT pair of leggings. Unfortunately, I decided to have a second go with Simplicity 2472.

Now, I've made this pattern once before with no success; however, I totally forgot about that project until I pulled out the pattern pieces and found them already cut out.

That should have been a red flag, but I kept going.

I made the tunic version and it came together without a hitch.

Honestly, I have no real critique of the instructions or construction. It is a simple pattern and easy to follow along. And, there are some really, really cute versions of it on Pattern Review.

For me, the problem with this garment is the overall shape. It's just not an attractive fit. The gathered sleeves look a bit dated. The baggy-to-fitted shape looks a bit awkward. Add to that this crazy abstract print and it's just hilarious. In fact, my family keeps referring to it as my "ugly shirt."

After having a good laugh over these photos, it occurred to me that it might actually work styled a bit differently... maybe with a wide belt, the right jewelry, and skinny jeans.

So, I'm not willing to give up on it just yet.


And with that, I bid Simplicity 2472, "Adieu!"