I don't know why it took me so long, but I have fully embraced the knitwear lifestyle - and I don't care what the judges on "Project Runway" think. Knit is comfortable, cute, fun, and easy to dress up or down. Leggings... t-shirt dresses... simple shifts... I'm in looooove!

I stumbled upon Girl Charlee several months ago via Instagram and the rest is history. I've been turning out knitwear every other week since. Knit is so easy to sew with, too! There was a slight learning curve (slightly stretch that fabric when you're sewing a seam!), but the fabric is so forgiving. I have nothing bad to say about it.

Upon ordering a load of fabric from Girl Charlee, I knew what pattern I'd use first - McCall's M6886, a very simple, very versatile dress.
There are so many combinations of hemlines, sleeve lengths, and necklines, you could make an entire wardrobe of new dresses and they would all be different in some way.

One of the best features of this pattern is the number of pattern pieces that you actually work with.


That's it.

A front, a back, and two sleeves.

This really is a two-hour dress! I threw together two right away.

The only alteration that I made to the pattern was customizing the length of the hemline on the navy dress. I love dresses that just hit my knee.

It's pretty obvious that I'd recommend that pattern to anyone - seasoned or beginning. It's a great wardrobe builder.

Proudly wear your knitwear, ladies! Live in daily comfort!!