Simplicity 1877

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Most of my sewing posts start along the same lines.

I've had this fabric in my studio for years, waiting for the perfect project...

This post is no exception. I purchased a few yards of beautiful embroidered border fabric 3 years ago and I've been scared to cut it all of this time. It was so pretty... and I only had a few yards... and I might make a mistake causing me to waste it all... and... and... and...

Because of the border, I needed a garment that might end in a relatively straight line - as opposed to something like a circle skirt. You'll see what I mean in just a sec.

Enter Simplicity 1877.

This Leanne Marshall pattern proved to be just right for this fabric (unfortunately, it's now out of print!).

Awful photo aside, I absolutely love the result!

Contrary to my typical report, I had no trouble at all with this project. Can you believe it?! Working with cotton is such a dream.

My only big alteration to the garment was adding a lining. I also used pre-made bias trim in white, rather than making my own. I was happy to discover that I had it on hand. It saved me a lot of prep time!

I made slight changes to the shoulder flounce - but only to maximize the use of this pretty border. I also eliminated the triangle stitching at the waist. It looked so odd to me!

I would describe this dress as the perfect garden party outfit.

(Ask me how many garden parties I've attended.... that would be none. But I'm now prepared and awaiting an invitation.)