Most of my sewing posts start along the same lines.

I've had this fabric in my studio for years, waiting for the perfect project...

This post is no exception. I purchased a few yards of beautiful embroidered border fabric 3 years ago and I've been scared to cut it all of this time. It was so pretty... and I only had a few yards... and I might make a mistake causing me to waste it all... and... and... and...

Because of the border, I needed a garment that might end in a relatively straight line - as opposed to something like a circle skirt. You'll see what I mean in just a sec.

Enter Simplicity 1877.

This Leanne Marshall pattern proved to be just right for this fabric (unfortunately, it's now out of print!).

Awful photo aside, I absolutely love the result!

Contrary to my typical report, I had no trouble at all with this project. Can you believe it?! Working with cotton is such a dream.

My only big alteration to the garment was adding a lining. I also used pre-made bias trim in white, rather than making my own. I was happy to discover that I had it on hand. It saved me a lot of prep time!

I made slight changes to the shoulder flounce - but only to maximize the use of this pretty border. I also eliminated the triangle stitching at the waist. It looked so odd to me!

I would describe this dress as the perfect garden party outfit.

(Ask me how many garden parties I've attended.... that would be none. But I'm now prepared and awaiting an invitation.)

So, I feel like I'm just waking up from a dark, haunting, and very cold dream...

I've just endured the longest, most miserable winter of my life. I didn't fully understand that weather could leave you feeling incredibly drained and uninspired. Depressed, really.

I used to think that any temperature below freezing would essentially feel the same.


I can now attest that -25° F (before the wind chill) does not, in fact, feel like 25° F. And... walking through deep snow is more of a workout than jogging on a beach. And... going weeks without sunshine does affect your emotional well-being. Phew!

We've had 40° temps and sunshine for a few days now and I feel reenergized. It's simply amazing.

So, now that I'm feeling more like myself, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Most of my creative energy over the past months has been channeled into knitting - primarily because you can do that one the couch, in your fleece pajamas, wrapped up in a blanket! I have to say, I've become pretty darn comfortable with it.

So, here's a quick overview of a few of my favorite creations. Get ready for photo overload...

Chunky wool poncho

I absolutely love this piece. I would wear it all of the time if I could. Every time I've worn it out, ladies stop to ask me where I bought it. I've actually made two of these. With practice, the second actually turned out better than the first. I doubled the amount of fringe and it looked so polished!

This pattern came from a book. If you'd like to make one similar, here are a few free patterns:

The Simplest Sweater

I chose this pattern for the promise in its name. It was my first attempt at a top-down sweater. I am pleased to report it was incredibly simple! I've been lax with my photography, but a friend snapped this quick pic for me. 

I will definitely work up this again. Love it!

Colorwork Cowl

Three cheers for my first colorwork project! For this cowl, I used a pattern from The Purl Bee. Truth be told, I really prefer the colorways that they recommend. But, I wanted to use the yarn that I had on hand. I made many, many, many mistakes along the way. Fortunately, the folds disguise most of them!

Honeycomb Brioche Sweater

I could not love this sweater more. I typically gravitate towards free patterns, but I actually bought this one. I found this yarn on Little Knits, one of my favorite yarn sites. Retail, this yarn would have cost more than $200. I only paid $40!

I am very proud of the way it turned out. And it's such a cool look!

This is just a sampling from the past few months. As you can see, I've been very busy (and cooped up indoors!).

Next update... sewing!