Has it really been more than a year since my first post about this bathroom? Even before we demolished this room, we had 6 months of searching for a contractor under our belts. Believe me, it has been a process!

When I gave my last update in December of 2013, I thought we were 5-6 weeks away from completion.


After giving up on our search for professional assistance, we resorted to DIY. My husband has learned soooo much during this process (I've learned not to ask questions about timing). I'm simply astounded by the transformation!

You've seen it a few times, but it's worth sharing the "before" pics again...

And... after!

This was the only vanity in the massive space. Pretty special, huh? Oh, and remember that door to the outside?

Check it out now!

We now have beautiful his and hers vanities, featuring antique glazed cabinetry and granite... touches of brushed nickel everywhere...

We found these great mirrors at Ikea and couldn't believe how perfect they were for the room.

We built in a water closet where the outside door used to exit. It's nice to have a little privacy in your bathroom...

...especially considering where the toilet used to be. The tiny shower has also been replaced.

Because we were doing the work ourselves, we kept the tilework simple. My only real design wish was to incorporate river rock, which turned out to be just the right touch!

The final special touches include shelving we purchased from a local Amish furniture store and gorgeous photography by my friend, Leah, of Uprooted Magnolia.

If I had to define a theme for this space, it would be "Found Things." I think that accurately describes the finishes, decorative items, and the overall process itself.

It is so nice to have full use of this bathroom again. It's been a long year!

This project actually ties up all of our major home renovation projects. We have a number of smaller projects on the list, but none that involve major construction (at this point, anyway).

We're starting on a basement update this week. I look forward to sharing that work as it begins.

I honestly don't know what we'll do if we ever finish this house.

Start over?