Wanna see something really gross?

Any ideas why this is so gross?

How about now?

This is what cigarette tar build-up looks like on your walls! And here's what it looks like when you start to clean it.

The previous owners of our home used one of the upstairs bathrooms as a smoking room... apparently for a LOOONNNNNGGGGGG time. This room was so saturated with smoke, we had to gut the whole thing.

But, we weren't giving up much, considering this is what it looked like.

Seriously dated cabinets, more peel-and-stick tile, and a PINK shower. Whew! What a mess!

But it sets the stage for a pretty remarkable transformation.

First, we scrubbed down the walls, grout and ceiling, painted and laid new flooring...

Next, the shower was professionally refinished as a clean, beautiful white...

It was finished off with new cabinets, lighting and fixtures, granite countertops and a few fun accents.

We have a little bit of trim work left to complete, but, all-in-all, we're counting this project as done!

It's perfect for a little boy to enjoy... or swap out the art and accessories and it's perfect for the grandparents!

{Hint-hint, Mom and Dad...}

This has been my favorite transformation to date. The hubby is finishing up a new tile backsplash in the kitchen this week and we're on the downside of our master bathroom renovation. I can't wait for that to be done! It's been a BIG job.