This Ugly House :: The Staircase

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It was a rickety, dated-looking, nasty carpet-covered mess.

Of all of the projects we've tackled in this home, the entry-way staircase has really been a challenge to complete.

It was in such bad shape that we simply cut out the bottom post to get some of our furniture upstairs when we moved in.

{We won't contemplate any plan of action for moving furniture out right now, okay?}

I really wanted to open the wall to expose the treads and update the overall look with wrought iron.

We decided that this was too big of a task to handle on our own. We wanted it done right so we started interviewing contractors in March of last year. I repeat, March of last year.

We had four different contractors come out to look at the job and no one called us back to give us a quote! When the fifth contractor came, I made him promise (out loud and with a pinky swear) to call us back.


Same story with the sixth contractor.

The seventh contractor called us back, but presented us with an astronomically high number.  Like, I'm-sending-you-a-passive-aggressive-message high number. Thousands more than we budgeted.

I get it, I suppose. It's a small job. No one wants to tie up their time on a small job. But extend the courtesy of telling us that, rather than disappearing all together. I've never been so frustrated with a home renovation project.

But that's quite enough whining from me!!!

Just when I thought we'd never get this job done, we met Mr. Snyder. Not found via the internet or phone book, he came highly recommended through a local hardware store. He was truly a God-send.

He worked alone for the better part of two weeks and accomplished what we thought was going to be impossible.

Take a look...

The quality and craftsmanship is really astounding. 

We count this project as a major victory, especially considering how hard it was to get it going.

We're wrapping up the master bathroom this month. I can't wait to share photos of that renovation!