Our fun with wine glass charms continues!

Here is another option that we crafted this weekend.

Kellie and I found some great chalkboard alphabet stickers during our shopping trip. A little scrap paper... a little Mod Podge Dimensional Magic... a few jewelry findings...

This project is so simple!

We added a layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to give the charms a "domed" appearance.

Allow the Dimensional Magic to completely dry. It will feel like FOR...EV...ERRRRRR, but it's so important for a nice, finished project.

The addition of scrapbook paper to the back is a fun way to personalize these charms.

So cute and easy! I think these would make a great hostess gift.

I think the pictures tell the DIY story, but do let me know if you have any questions about how we made these.

Have a great week ahead!!

My friend, Kellie, has been smitten with these Pottery Barn wine glass charms. She loves to entertain and has been on the search for this particular set for quite some time.

She shared the photo with me this weekend and I immediately suggested that we try to create something similar, but more personal.

That's how this happened...

We loaded up on goodies at the craft store... dimensional alphabet stickers, glittery scrapbook paper, jump rings, and jewelry wire. I found a bag of florist marbles at the Dollar Tree.

After laying down our stickers on the scrapbook paper, we adhered a florist marble on top of each letter with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and let it dry overnight.

We couldn't find the right hangers for our charms so I crafted them from heavier gauge jewelry wire. I cut 2" of wire, shaped it in a circle, and bent the ends with a set of jewelry pliers.

After cutting marbles from the paper, we glued a silver pendant bail to the back of each. 

Bonus!! If you're using these for a party, you can send your guests home with the charm they choose. The addition of the bail means these will make great pendants for a necklace.

We think the results are amazing! These are glamorous, personal, and a great addition to anyone's bar ware.

We were on a roll so we kept the theme by crafting another set of wine glass charms. That post is next. Stay tuned!!

I was so excited to host my best friend, Kellie, for a few days this week. It did my heart good to have her here.

Our birthdays are back-to-back and we both agreed that we needed girl time to properly celebrate.

We laughed, baked, crafted, shopped, got manicures, forgot calories, and enjoyed some outdoor winter fun.

We were all so sad to see her leave, but the memories made will never be forgotten.
I've always been that annoying student who works ahead of the teacher.


In my defense, I'm just too dang eager to see what's next! Will I be able to do it? Will it be hard? The anticipation is too great to wait.

So, I plowed forward and finished the second block of my afghan. A month early.

I 'fessed up to Cristy and she promptly shot back, "Well. That is what class is for. What will you work on during class?!"

{hanging my head in shame}

Don't you love friends who keep you honest? Point taken and I am committed to playing by the rules from this point forward. Maybe...

Isn't this design the coolest? The author describes it as a chart, but I think it has a bit of a tribal feel to it. Don't you?

The delightful lady who owns the shop that is hosting the classes is offering a fun incentive for anyone who brings their materials to class in a bag they've made. That was just the kick-in-the-pants that I needed to finish up McCall's 6522, a Laura Ashley bag that I started this time last year.

I'll admit, it was not a fun project for me. It's not a complicated bag. I simply lost interest about half way through the construction.

But, it's done! And, it's just big enough to carry my materials to class.

It's really amazing how much I've learned since my first knitting lesson with my mother over the Thanksgiving holiday. In just a few short months, I've gained the confidence to try more complicated techniques and I've discovered that knitting is a bit addictive.

My favorite video tutorial of the week is for another great headband, courtesy of The Casting on the Couch.

Before you worry that this is becoming a knitting blog, let me put that fear to rest. Knitting has become a new creative outlet, but sewing, home construction, gardening, photography, paper crafting, jewelry-making, Shrinky Dink melting, and all of that other good stuff is still just as present as ever.

Don't you love living a creative life?