This Ugly House :: The Master Closet Situation

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Okay, ladies. I know that each of you can imagine how hard it might be to manage your wardrobe - including shoes and a husband - with a closet like this.

Did I just hear a collective gasp?

That's right! For the past year, I've been stuffing my clothes into half of this closet (can you guess which half?) and storing the rest in various locations around the house.

Piles on the floor count as storing, right?

So, I'm extremely excited to reveal our solution to this problem!

It all started with drawings on napkins and ended like this.

We added opaque film to the glass panes to conceal the clothing. I think it adds a bit of interest to a wall of closet doors.

I sketched the inspiration, but my husband did 100% of the labor—framing, wiring, sheetrock, painting... He's a genius.

Well, I did install the shelves in my...


Shoe closet!!!!!!!!!!

We ordered this cabinet from Kemper Cabinets. If you're inspired to install the same solution, this is actually considered a "pantry" unit. I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was genius!

The only thing left to add is hardware. We're going to add the "jewelry" when we order the pulls for our master bathroom.

I'm perfectly happy with the way it is now, especially considering what we had before, and I couldn't wait to share the renovation.

Need any details? I'm happy to share my resources!