Building Blocks :: Block One

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My knitting class started last week and I missed it!

My husband was traveling for work and I just couldn't fit it all in. Thanks goodness for my friend, Cristy, who gave me a quick tutorial during lunch one day.

To catch you up, I'm taking a afghan class. The goal for the class is learn a variety of knitting techniques by completing one blanket square per month. We're following Michelle Hunter's book, Building Blocks.

I'm pleased to say that Block #1 is done. I just love this pattern, too.

If you are interested in learning to knit this way, Michelle's book is great. There are also resources online. I've mentioned the site There are several blocks on there that look like they would be fun to learn. This one is my favorite:

I could envision a whole blanket just out of this one pattern.

I'll continue to share my progress on this blanket over the next 11 months. I really appreciate the forced slow pace for this project. No pressure to knit all of the time!

Do you knit? What are you currently working on? Any tips, tricks, favorite tools and websites?