This Ugly House :: The Master Bathroom, In Progress

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Progress has been very slow on the master bathroom. My husband has done everything by himself - except the plumbing! He's amazing! Unfortunately, there is risk associated with doing everything yourself and, sure enough, he hurt his dominant wrist. Despite the incredible pain, he's continued to plow on as he's able.

Additional delay has been caused by the cabinetry. The cabinets came in, but they were wrong! They have been reordered, but we're still another 4 weeks out.


Just in case you need a reminder, here's what we started with:

We (using the collective "we") gutted the entire room...

Added additional lighting (can lights and two vanities) and heating...

Closed off the door to the outside and added a water closet...

And expanded the shower and reworked the plumbing.

It still looks like a crazy mess, but, from this perspective, the improvements are tremendous already.

We have our tub ready to install, right in front of that lovely bay window. This is the tub and filler that we've ordered:

Next on the to-do list is tile for the shower and flooring.

Things are coming together, but we're still 5-6 weeks away from completion. It's going to be fantastic when all is done!! What a great start to the new year.