Tips for Styling Your Family Photos

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I have mixed emotions about Facebook. In fact, it can take you through your full range of emotions in one session... happy, sad, touched, annoyed, reflective, inspired...

But what I love about Facebook is reconnecting with old acquaintances and discovering where life has taken them.

Emily is one such acquaintance from high school. After reconnecting last year, I learned that she is an amazingly talented photographer. I've been in awe ever since.

There is an angelic quality about her work.

There's an angelic quality about her heart, too.

Emily put together a very helpful post on her own blog this week about styling your entire family for photos (without breaking the bank!). Given this is the most beautiful time of year, I know many of you are planning your own photo sessions and thought you might find her advice helpful.

So, head on over to Here On Earth Photography to meet Emily. Your heart will be warmed and I know you'll leave inspired.

Happy Friday!