This Ugly House :: The Guest Bedroom 1

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Just as quickly as I set up my studio in the new house, my husband threw himself full-force into redoing all of the flooring. Every square foot of it.

He's now laid temporary claim to my creative space as a catch-all for his tools and equipment.

How can I complain? The renovations are already amazing.

We've decided if we had a show on HGTV, it would be called, "This Ugly House." I've mentioned some of the oddities of this particular home in a few past posts.

So, in the absence of fun, engaging projects to share with you, I thought I'd begin revealing the work we've done.

Starting with the first of two guest bedrooms.

This room started drab and bleh. New carpet, paint, lighting, and lots of very personal, meaningful, girly accessories have now transformed the space.

We painted the walls a lovely grey, which suddenly turned almost lilac when I added the bedding! But, it's still a lovely and serene color.

If the art arrangement above looks familiar, it's because I replicated what I did in my previous home. Do you find yourself recreating beloved spaces when you move?

I made some simple panels from a heavy decorator fabric that I've had for ages. It already had a scalloped edge so all I had to do was hem the top and bottoms.

It may be weird, but I only hung one panel per window. The room is rather small and I was afraid that anything heavier would be too much.

The dresser is a piece that I painted myself. I keep reassigning it in my home. I bought it in college {I think?}. I used it for both of my boys in their nurseries. It now fits in perfectly in this eclectic room.

Among the accessories that I'm using is part of my collection of old bottles {although I think I stole some of these from my mother's collection. Sorry, mom!}. It's so hard for me to resist an old bottle! They have a history of their own, don't they?

I've also hung some of my grandmother's artwork. She painted the poppies in the first photo and also the ceramic cameo below. It's weathered and old and just perfect for this room.

And, finally, to welcome our guests, some of my childhood lovies. They love being the welcoming committee.

The rest of the house may be a total disaster, but this room is ready for company!