This Ugly House :: The Deck

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I love my back deck. I have nothing negative to say about this space.

{You were beginning to think that I do nothing but complain. Am I right?}

It's so spacious and inviting. And now that it's warm, we are practically living back here! My 3-year-old says dinner is always a "picnic."

What could need improvement?

Well... other than just a thorough power washin', a few flowers for these sad planters were in order.

So, we've spent the last few days pruning and planting.

What an improvement!!

I honestly can't remember the last time we bought this many annuals. They are so beautiful and happy!

Coleus is one of my favorite planter additions. It comes in so many pretty hues and complements just about everything.

There is also a beautiful and very large Japanese maple that provides a shady spot to sit beneath all day long. It's just gorgeous!


My appreciation for spring and warm, sunny weather has reached a whole new level. I don't want to waste a single minute indoors.

I hope that the weather is beautiful and life is peaceful wherever you are.