The Studio is Coming Together!

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I made major progress on the studio this week. In fact... I've. Been. Sewing!!

I'm working on window treatments for our family room. Nothing too fancy, but it feels so good to be working with my sewing machine again.

And, rediscovering all of my supplies.

I thought I'd share a few pics of the progress that I've made - all carefully shot to hide the mess that's really there.



Those are my grandmother's hats hanging on the side of the shelf. I used non-permanent 3M hooks. LOVE those!!

See my Tiffany box peeking through? Yeah, it was just a T & Co plate, but the box made it sooo special.

I bought this gorgeous wrought iron blanket stand several years ago and I've always used it for fabric storage - usually hanging the fabric that I'm working with. Right now, it's full of vintage goodness that is screaming to be used for summer fashion.

And... above my working table...

There is still much to be done, but I'm so inspired. I have a lot of momentum behind me and things are moving along.

I'll gladly take the small victories as they come along!

Hope your weekend is lovely, restful, and full of recuperative peace. Take care!