Light It Up!

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Hello, friends!! I have missed our creative time together!

We have made a lot of progress on the house over the past couple of weeks.

Unpacking... about 75% complete.

Paint... about halfway there.

Lighting... 100% D.O.N.E.

I mentioned this in my last post, but the house that we recently purchased was missing lighting in all of the bedrooms and several of the common areas.

I'm so happy, happy, happy to report that we're not living by lamplight anymore!

Check out the progress on my dining room!

Paint and a new chandelier that we hung ourselves.

The ceiling medallion still needs some work, but I was too excited not to share our progress.

Once you start hanging things on the walls, it really begins to feel like home. 

I love decorating with my grandmother's china. I've hung it on the walls in every home I've owned. It is especially meaningful to me now that I am so far from home.

The house project list isn't getting any smaller, but I am so anxious to get back to sewing. I've been stockpiling new spring patterns and they tease me every time I walk past them.

What are you working on these days? Your creativity inspires me and keeps me moving forward on my own projects.