Command Central

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One of my most popular projects are these little bags.

I love seeing them pop up all over the internet, tagged with the ideas that people have for using them in their own lives.

One common theme that I have noticed is using them for wrangling hats and mittens.

Until my recent move, I didn't understand how out of control these necessary winter accessories can get.

I totally get it now. Good grief! They are like socks in the laundry room... how does a pair get separated?! Why can't you ever find what you need when you need it?!

So, I spent some time this weekend setting up "Command Central" in my home to gain control over the clutter building up on my countertops, benches, and any other surfaces that welcome collections of stuff.

Here's what I'm using.

Magnetic board. I covered an Ikea board in burlap using the tutorial that I shared for my Art Wall. The magnets are the same set that I created here.

Coat rack. Just your standard rack that you can purchase at Lowe's or Home Depot. I've had the one pictured above for years and it keeps reappearing in different capacities with each move we've made.

Wire Baskets. I found this set on Amazon and fell in love with them. They are the perfect muted finish. I'm using the smallest here as a catch-all for hats and gloves. The other two are being used upstairs.

Mail shelves. By far the biggest mess in my kitchen comes from the accumulation of mail that needs attention. I keep recycling these spice racks from Ikea. I have a set that I painted to use as bedside reading shelves. These were actually used for spices in my pantry in the last house. It just made sense to use them here for mail.

I used my Silhouette to make the wall decals. As always, I'm happy to share the Silhouette files that I create if you'd like to use them for yourself!

All in all, a great use of space! That is, as long as we use it...