Happy New Year to you!!

And... so ends my third day in Pennsylvania.

What an adventure I've had so far!

We arrived late on Sunday night to our temporary apartment. Practically immediately, I managed to get my car stuck in 18" of snow. It stayed there, stranded, for about 48 hours!

For whatever reason, the heat didn't work in the apartment so we slept in layers and under layers with  beanies to cover our heads for warmth. It felt a bit like camping indoors...

We had a few snafus with the moving truck, ice, and huge snow drifts... but eventually, they were able to deliver our belongings to the new house.

Then, today, I managed to fall flat on my back in front of my new colleagues after slipping on some ice. I'm nursing a swollen arm as I write this.

Geez. Have I paid my dues yet?

Upon returning to my office, I had a little package with a note awaiting.

The note read... "This gift was handcrafted for you by my husband. It serves to both welcome you and remind you that springtime will come."

And inside...

It was really hard not to cry. I was so touched and this heartwarming, handmade gift could not have come at a better time.

What a blessing!

I was also greeted by this rockin' banner that our student team made for me.

Despite the challenges that the last few days have presented, I'm feeling pretty lucky!