Boy, my life has been taken over by "grown up" decision-making these days.

First the major news... I'm moving! If you've followed my blog over the past year, you know that we completed construction of our current home last summer. The idea of a move may seem crazy.

Well, I've never been adverse to change and I've never been one to form attachments to material things – like my house. A great opportunity has come my way to move to Pennsylvania and my husband and I have decided to pursue this new adventure.

I'll still be working in marketing and communication in higher education - joining an amazing team at one of our nation's oldest universities. I'm super psyched!

But Pennsylvania?! I've never lived outside of the south and I don't know how to prepare for the snow! I've been sending out SOS signals to friends... asking for advice... please feel free to share, too!

Also... I'm in the final month of my graduate program! Yay! It's been an overpacked year and a half, but the end is finally here!!

All that I lack is a final paper–which I am having TREMENDOUS difficulty completing.

I'd rather be here. Hanging out with all of you amazing friends. Talking about life and crafting and bad hair color...

Alas... I realize that I cannot get this massive paper completed if I don't pack away a few distractions.

So, I'm going to hibernate for the next month, but I'll be back! And, I hope that you'll take the journey with me to Pennsylvania. A new house means a new onslaught of projects!!

I'll see you very soon!