"Survival" Bracelets

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I cannot tell you how blessed I was last night to spend time with my oldest son... crafting!

He purchased a "super cool" bracelet while we were out and about yesterday. He was so inspired by it that he came home and wanted to learn how to make it himself!

So, he went straight to "ha yoo"... "ya woo"... "yoo hoo"...

"What's it called, mommy?"

"Um... Google."

He found a great tutorial on YouTube for weaving "Survival Bracelets," which is a military-inspired technique, and that's what we did last night!

I started him out with craft lace because that's what we had available. I used some cotton cording that I had left over from a sewing project.

{As always... YAY for making something new out of something old!!!}

We had such a good time with it once we finally got going!

Check out how intently he's working on his project.

Totally precious.

Here are the results!

Of course, I had to get fancy-schmancy with mine and added a humongous button closure. I have to say - I would actually wear this out. Pinterest tells me that rope is fashion-current these days.


So, here's the best part of our crafting adventure...

He wants to incorporate this activity into his birthday camp-out! What a fantastic creative project for little boys!

It's appropriate that they are called "Survival Bracelets" because I have been stressing over how to survive a house full of little boys!

I found this awesome pack of paracords for the boys to use.

Very masculine, n'est pas?

I love it when so many things come together in the perfect way!