Getting Back in the Game

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Today, I feel so good that my heart is singing. This week ushered in a sense of peace and normalcy that I've been missing for quite some time.

I enjoyed sushi and cupcakes with a dear friend. I chased my kids around the yard. I finished a few assignments ahead of schedule. I spent time in my studio. I used my camera.

My body is healing, my spirit has been renewed, and I feel good!

Speaking of my camera, I rejoined my friend, Megan, on her blogging journey this week. I used to photograph her daily for her fashion/lifestyle blog, Little Maison. It was a bonding experience for us both, but life became too busy to fit it all in.

Megan is getting ready to relaunch her weekly fashion posts and I was thrilled that she asked me to be her photographer again!


Here is my favorite pic of the week. I loved the composition so much that I experimented with several different filter techniques. Thought you might enjoy seeing the variety.

The original:

Edited version #1:

Edited version #2:

And, my favorite:

I swear... even her feet have glowing personalities of their own. She is so precious!

Switching gears... I have a DIY pillow post ready to share with you this weekend. Please come back by to check it out!

Happy Friday!