Sunday Crafter-noon

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So, my two week break has come to an end. My coursework resumes tomorrow and I'm just not ready!!

I have really made the most of this little break between classes. I've posted my to-do list to the right of this post and you can see how much progress I've made.


Today, I was thrilled to host a great group of sweet friends - both old and new - for a fun afternoon, full of crafting goodness. We raided my scrap stash to make pretty headbands.

After teaching the girls a few fabric flower techniques, they were off and running!

Crafting is not without risk! There were a few casualties with glue guns... I was reminded of the saying, "I craft, therefore I have no fingerprints."

I absolutely love how everyone found a way to express their own unique style through their creations.

I just love these girls! We've already planned a project for our next get-together in July. Can't wait!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend, too! I'm off to hit the books!