It's amazing what can happen in a few short weeks!

We're going to have plenty of veggies!!!
One of my greatest pleasures in life is teaching others a skill that I possess and knowing that I may have inspired them to try something new.

You’ve met Kellie before. This pint-sized, precious girlie is one of my dearest friends.

We’ve certainly rubbed off on each other over the years, although I would credit Kellie with being the better influence. She’s taught me how to always find the positives in any given situation. I’ve taught her the importance of drinking coffee… and of not talking before 10 a.m.

Kellie gave me the most amazing blanket for Christmas that she spent SIX MONTHS crocheting. Six months! Can you believe her heart?!

It was the very least I could do when she asked me to help her learn to sew. I was so honored! We started a few months ago with a basic valance for her bedroom. She moved on to making window panels for the rest of her house and finally gathered her confidence to tackle her first garment.

So, we’ve spent the last week, side-by-side during our free time, constructing the most precious little dress ever for her to wear to her sister’s graduation!

She selected Simplicity 1803 and an adorable anchor print fabric for the job.

You take a lot of things for granted when you have sewing experience – like the basics of laying out pattern pieces, understanding technique terminology, even buying the right materials. It was such a wonderful experience to walk her through all of the steps and to teach her my limited knowledge of such things.

Let me begin by saying that I would NEVER recommend this pattern for a beginner seamstress. The instructions were hard for even me to understand at times!

For the most part we stayed true to form. We selected Bodice B and added a green trim to the sleeves. I also had to take in the top a great deal because Kellie is so stinkin’ tiny. We also shortened it by about four inches.

Can you believe how great she looks? And she is so proud and ready to go for #2!

Have I told you that I'm 34?

Now. I know that's not old, but when you work with a gaggle {yes, a gaggle} of 20-somethings who have gobs of disposable income to spend on fabulous clothes and gobs of time to live socially, you feel... well... old. And frequently frumpy.

But, I get such a kick out of hearing about their adventures in dating! And, they keep me informed about all of the truly important things... like... new trends in fashion and Spotify.

I'm sure I'd be rockin' mom jeans and making mixed tapes without their youthful influence.

So, as a slight deviation from the norm, I thought it'd be fun to introduce you to Kaitlin. 

I'm not exaggerating... 85% of her wardrobe comes from Anthropologie. No. Joke.

So, take a moment to enjoy living vicariously through her hilarious adventures in dating {and get ready for a little DIY fashion inspiration!}.

Who knows? This might become a tradition.


Hey there ladies! My name is Kaitlin. I'm 24 years old. I love fashion. I hate the sound of people chewing. I have a rewards card with Godiva (therefore, I also have a love of exercising). I use uncommon phrases like, "For criminy sakes!" and "That's swell!" I love Hello Kitty and am not ashamed to admit it.

Dress and Necklace: Anthropologie

And I'm single.

If there is one thing I know a lot about, it's dating. And I have an abundance of experiences to share with you.

My dating history starts back in the 5th grade, but I find that those stories are significantly less interesting than the ones from my immediate past. But, you know… back then, boys knew how to treat a girl. I always had a Valentine, a constant supply of stuffed animals, and someone who would always hold my hand.

Fast forward to today… men just aren't the same! I suppose you could say I am picky about who I date… or maybe they are… I haven't figured that part out yet.

Deciding that it was time for new beginnings, I broke up with my high school sweetheart during my freshman year of college to date The Man of My Dreams (No. 1). Things were perfect for two weeks… until he wrote me a list of the 15 things he didn't like about me, ignored me in social settings, and confessed to continuing a relationship with his "ex."

He sounds like a winner, right? At least he was nice to look at…

Well, ta-ta until next week! I'll tell you all about The Man of My Dreams (No. 2).

And, yes. They all have numbers.

DIY Inspiration
Must make this necklace!

So, my two week break has come to an end. My coursework resumes tomorrow and I'm just not ready!!

I have really made the most of this little break between classes. I've posted my to-do list to the right of this post and you can see how much progress I've made.


Today, I was thrilled to host a great group of sweet friends - both old and new - for a fun afternoon, full of crafting goodness. We raided my scrap stash to make pretty headbands.

After teaching the girls a few fabric flower techniques, they were off and running!

Crafting is not without risk! There were a few casualties with glue guns... I was reminded of the saying, "I craft, therefore I have no fingerprints."

I absolutely love how everyone found a way to express their own unique style through their creations.

I just love these girls! We've already planned a project for our next get-together in July. Can't wait!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend, too! I'm off to hit the books!
Did you make it by Hancock's this week? Simplicity and Butterick patterns were on sale for a steal!

I make it a point to get by every time they have a $1 pattern sale because the minute I actually need a particular pattern, it will be full price.

One of my purchases this week was Simplicity 1804, a very simple pattern with a lot of great options.

We're heading to the beach in a few weeks so I wanted to make something easy and summery to pack.

This maxi dress fit the bill!

The package screams in all caps and bold type that this pattern is sized for knit fabric.

But, I'm a rebel at heart.

I decided to give it a go in a tie-dyed rayon challis that I found during my trip to Hancock.

{How dare I?! Such a risk-taker!}

The pattern was very simple - an excellent project for a beginner. It only took a couple of hours to make. I had no trouble fitting the dress to my measurements.

I cut the twisted section in the front to one size larger because I was working with a fabric that doesn't stretch. I also omitted the elastic in the front and back.

I love it! And I think it will enjoy wearing it - even though it's not a knit.
And I'm not talking about personalities.

{Which, of course, is ABSOLUTELY the case... just not for this post. **wink**}

We completed our veggie garden this week! We finally got those plants in the ground! Tomatoes, peppers, beans, eggplant, radishes, watermelon, squash, zucchini, and more!

Just in time for three days of soaking rain, too.

Here's where we started:

Here are a few of the photos that I pinned for inspiration:




And here's the reality of our {almost} finished project:

Yeah. We discovered that buildin' fences is 'spensive. It would have taken nearly $1,000 to build a pretty wooden fence around our 24' x 36' garden! I thought that was a bit much for such a small space.

So, we decided to simplify and focus on what's really important - the homegrown veggies!

I'll confess that I'm a {tad} disappointed that it's so plain. Just a tiny little bit. We still have to add boards to the bottom of the fence (to mirror the top frame) and stretch the wire taut, but we were in good enough shape to get the plants in the ground.

I expect a bounty from this garden. My husband is a very patient and gifted gardener. His green thumb never ceases to amaze me {and he's so humble}.

Right now, I have my eye on that board above the gate. It needs some whimsy, don't you think? Any ideas?

I am so excited to show you my second dress of spring!

Vogue 1152 was completed without any drama - save the one cuff that I sewed on backwards... and a fight with a sleeve... maybe a few choice words with some of the facings... but otherwise, we got along just fine!

{Will I ever learn to avoid sewing when tired?}

I made this dress out of a wonderful rayon challis - Amy Butler Soul Blossoms in Peacock Blush. I actually purchased this fabric a few years ago because I loved it so much. It really was the perfect fabric for this dress - in pattern and feel.

I would definitely recommend this pattern. I've seen a few variations of this pattern made into a top. Super cute!

I'm turning my attention to a few window treatments next - and then we'll be talking 'bout lots and lots of fabric!

Hooray for checking things off of my "to-do" list!!

I found these tiny little eggs in one of the planters on my back porch.

Precious and safe.