Yes. It's a Dye Job.

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Usually I would be referring to my hair, but, today, we're talking clothes.

I've never dyed fabric so this was a first for me.

And, if you follow my weekly musings via Facebook, then you know I anticipated either success or disaster for this first attempt.

It turns out, I was correct.

Two of my favorite dresses had... ummm... issues.

This white one was feeling a tad yellow and sad.

And this cream and white floral...

Well... I don't really know what happened to it, but I discovered it was covered in blue and pink-ish stains the last time I wore it!

So, thanks to a little box of RIT dye, the white one is feeling lively again in a pretty spring green.

(I was hoping for a more intense green so I may try dying it again.)

 My favorite shoes are back out of storage!

And, the floral... well... let's just say, it still has issues.

What happened here?! Any ideas?

I followed the instructions online for dying rayon knit, but clearly, something went terribly wrong.

Oh, well.

I couldn't have worn it as it was anyway. Maybe I can make something out of the material.

In the meantime, I'm digging through my closet again to find something else to dye.

Maybe, ombre?

Do you have any tips or tricks to share for dying fabric or any ideas about what went wrong with the floral dress? Can it be saved? I'd love to know!