It's a HouseParty!

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Ladies, Mr. Nicholas Sparks has it figured out - exactly what we want out of a love story. And his latest movie release, The Lucky One, is no exception.

{Hello! When did Zac Efron become appropriately drool worthy?!}

As a member of, I signed up to host one of the 1,000 "The Lucky One" parties offered to promote the movie and was selected! Yippee!!

Who doesn't love a big box of F.R.E.E. showing up on their doorstep?

If you're unfamiliar with, it is a free online community for brands to connect products to customers. A marketer's dream, really. Top companies, such as Godiva, Keurig, and Grand Central Publishing (obviously), select a members to send their products to. As a party host, you agree to plan a gathering of your friends, promote the product with the tools provided, and pass out all of the free swag! 

Girl time and freebies - what could be better?

So, here's what my party pack contained:

For this event, HouseParty encouraged a potluck dinner. I came up with my own interpretation and planned a salad luncheon during the middle of the workday. It was PERFECT!

We all gathered for lunch and everyone brought a salad to share - from chicken to fruit to quinoa. It was such a yummy lunch!

As everyone gathered, I conducted a creative photo shoot with their good luck charms.

(She's an amazing athlete!)

As we finished eating, we watched the extended movie preview and played a little Nicholas Spark's trivia game afterward. It was a very competitive match, but Megan reigned victorious and walked away with an awesome movie t-shirt.

Kellie was "the lucky one" selected for my door prize - a movie poster (that now hangs on the wall directly across from her desk. Nice placement, Kellie!).

Everyone left with a goodie bag containing a movie edition novel of "The Lucky One" and a bookmark.

All in all a tremendous success for my first HouseParty! We all had an amazing time together and left with plans to gather more often for little lunch parties.

**big smile**

Hey! I have one goodie bag left over! I'd love to send it your way! Leave me a comment below and I'll pick a winner at random on Friday, April 20. 

Tell me about a HouseParty that you've hosted. Not a member? You should definitely sign up at and invite me to your next event.