From Kitchen to Junk Pile to Studio

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I've walked past this little cart about one million times since moving into our house last July.

It's been hanging out in the garage, collecting junk for our eventual yard sale. We've had it for 10 years or so and it's been through a lot.

The dog used it as a chew toy... cleaning supplies have leaked on it... there have been many generations of spiders birthed beneath it's wooden slats {shudder}...

Yep. Yard sale material.

However, I walked past it last week and it was like a light bulb came on. Eureka! I could paint her up and use her to store my sewing machines.

And I did just that.

I had the cart. I had the primer. I had the paint. Score for zero investment!

Painting this cart took FOR.........EV..........errrrrrrrrr.

But, I'm the lazy sort of painter that starts out really excited and then loses interest after about 15 minutes. {Truth.}

I thought it would be a grand idea to paint outdoors while the weather is so mild! Apparently, the bugs thought it was a pretty grand idea, too.

Two coats of primer and two coats of paint later, here she is.

I had the notion to do some creative finishing touches, but I was so glad to get that last coat of paint on that I called it done.

I did make a yo-yo knob cover to dress her up just a bit more.

I'm super-pleased with this zero-cost makeover that helped to meet a need in my studio.