Free Shoes?!

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Look what arrived in the mail today.

This isn't just an order from This box contains a pair of free shoes that they sent me to "make nice" on an order that they couldn't fulfill.

And I didn't even complain!

Allow me to back up.

I placed my first order with back in February. They were hosting an amazing sale on Calving Klein Jeans shoes. And when I say amazing, I mean AH-MAZE-ING.

So, I ordered 4 pairs! 

And waited...

And waited...

And waited...

Nearly one month later, I finally received notification that 2 pairs had shipped and 2 were cancelled.

{Well, poop. This is not a good way to start a relationship.}

But, to make up for my trouble, they gave me a $10 credit.

{Okay. I forgive you.} 

I used that toward the purchase of an AH-MAZE-ING swimsuit. Not only was it super cute, it was another really great buy.

A few days later, out of the blue, I receive a message from stating that they found one of the pairs of shoes that I had ordered and they were sending them to me for... wait for it... FREE!

Sho-nuf! Here they are.

I'm one happy girl!

And, Zulily, you have a customer for life.