C'est Fini!

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Okay. Last post about the art wall. Promise!

I just felt like the wall space was too empty. Here's a reminder about where it was:

And, here it is today:

I decided to swapped out the wreath for one that was a little bigger and, while I had the blue paint out for my little shelf project, I painted up a couple of small cork boards.

I used painter's tape to mark off my pattern for the green design after an initial coat of the blue. I love the distressed finish. It's perfect for two little, rough-and-tumble boys!

I picked up the letters from Hobby Lobby for $2 each. I secured them with the best adhesive in the world, E6000. They were the perfect finishing touch.

Dylan asked for push pins made from buttons.

What a smart suggestion!

And, that's it, folks! I can't imagine what else I could possibly need to add to this wall. You can see that my boys are enjoying the space.

I hope your week is off to a great start!! I'm sending lots of love your way!