Big Impact

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Total angel, right?

I call him "Captain Destruct-o."

His latest victims are the dust covers on his big brother's beloved books.

So, I dutifully removed them all and put them away for safe-keeping a few months ago. But, this past week, I was inspired to turn the Dr. Seuss covers into artwork for the boys' playroom.

I mean, why not? They are beautifully printed, colorful, and so much fun.

To frame them, I picked up some 8" x 10" stained, wooden frames for $3 a piece at Wal-Mart. I couldn't believe how great these frames looked! For $3 each!

They came with really ugly mats... so I simply traced, cut, and covered them with coordinating card stock using acid-free glue.

{By the way, I love this glue stick. It has been a hard worker through many projects. Highly recommend!}

I layered a few of the mats with different colored card stock for fun effect and added a few personal touches - including stamping each with this great old stamp that I picked up at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta. {You should go this year. It. Is. Amazing.} 

I've been dying for a project to use it on!

And here's the final collection! Total cost: less than $20!!!!!!!

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You may be sick of hearing about these playroom projects. Eventually, I'll finish and tour you through the madness. Promise!

In unrelated news... as of tomorrow night, I can tick one more course off my list in my Master's program! Whoo-hoo!! I may just make it! Unfortunately, my projects and blog posts are suffering a bit because I have to invest so much more of myself into school these days. I hope you'll forgive the distraction!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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