We are taking advantage of every delightful moment of spring that we can!

Even the weeds deserve to be photographed!

Okay. Last post about the art wall. Promise!

I just felt like the wall space was too empty. Here's a reminder about where it was:

And, here it is today:

I decided to swapped out the wreath for one that was a little bigger and, while I had the blue paint out for my little shelf project, I painted up a couple of small cork boards.

I used painter's tape to mark off my pattern for the green design after an initial coat of the blue. I love the distressed finish. It's perfect for two little, rough-and-tumble boys!

I picked up the letters from Hobby Lobby for $2 each. I secured them with the best adhesive in the world, E6000. They were the perfect finishing touch.

Dylan asked for push pins made from buttons.

What a smart suggestion!

And, that's it, folks! I can't imagine what else I could possibly need to add to this wall. You can see that my boys are enjoying the space.

I hope your week is off to a great start!! I'm sending lots of love your way!
It felt so good to spend time in my studio this weekend! Yes, I totally neglected my coursework, but I just needed a creative break!

I was determined to tackle a few things around my house that have been waiting on me for months - such as rearranging the furniture, hanging pictures that have been stacked along the walls, cleaning out closets, straightening up mine...

Yep. Total procrastination.

So, what was on my creative agenda? One of the first ideas that I ever pinned, courtesy of Laura at cometogetherkids.com.

After pinning this amazing idea, Kimberly and I literally ran to IKEA (which is about 1 1/2 hours away) to score some of these $4 spice racks. And... they were sold out.

So, we filled our baskets with a lot of other unnecessary IKEA awesomeness and headed back home.

We did make it back when they were finally restocked. That was last summer...

I decided to mark this project off of my list this weekend. Here is my finished result:

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A quick coat of paint was all that they needed! They turned out exactly as I envisioned.

The lamp pictured below was a past project of mine. I love the adhesive-coated lamp shades that you can find at most hobby stores. I covered this one with fabric, bailing twine, and leftover suede trim. The base came from Target.

Perfect for Dylan's vintage cowboy bedroom! And one more item off of my to-do list!
Is it summer where you are? It's already in the mid-80's here.

Whew. What kind of summer are we in for??

We took advantage of the mild temps and took the boys camping this weekend. We absolutely love to camp!

I'm not really sure why. Disaster usually strikes. I only wish I was exaggerating.

For the most part, we were spared during this trip. Unless you count several skinned knees...

And... our {piece of junk} safari vehicle breaking down in the middle of the wild animal park we visited. I suppose sprinting to the "rescue" car only added to our adventure.

Yeah... Don't make plans to go camping with us. 


Here are a few images that I captured during the trip. Mostly noses, but they sure are cute!

Happy Tuesday!

Well, if 75 degrees, sun-shining bright, and flowers in full bloom aren't enough evidence that spring has arrived, the thick green coating of pollen atop everything certainly convinces me.

Last week, I pulled out a dress that I started more than two years ago. I have no idea why I abandoned the project, but with warm weather here, I decided to finish it up!

I was especially excited to see Kate Spade's spring line this week, which touts a graphic pattern very similar to what I used.

I made this dress from Simplicity 2642 out of a beautiful cotton lawn.

Allow me to be the first to point out that I own the ugliest dress-form on the market. Seriously. Ugly.

It was such a simple pattern to put together! It came together so nicely and I can't wait to wear it this spring.

Have you started any spring sewing? Please leave me a comment and let me know what patterns and fabrics you are using. I need some more inspiration!!!


Total angel, right?

I call him "Captain Destruct-o."

His latest victims are the dust covers on his big brother's beloved books.

So, I dutifully removed them all and put them away for safe-keeping a few months ago. But, this past week, I was inspired to turn the Dr. Seuss covers into artwork for the boys' playroom.

I mean, why not? They are beautifully printed, colorful, and so much fun.

To frame them, I picked up some 8" x 10" stained, wooden frames for $3 a piece at Wal-Mart. I couldn't believe how great these frames looked! For $3 each!

They came with really ugly mats... so I simply traced, cut, and covered them with coordinating card stock using acid-free glue.

{By the way, I love this glue stick. It has been a hard worker through many projects. Highly recommend!}

I layered a few of the mats with different colored card stock for fun effect and added a few personal touches - including stamping each with this great old stamp that I picked up at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta. {You should go this year. It. Is. Amazing.} 

I've been dying for a project to use it on!

And here's the final collection! Total cost: less than $20!!!!!!!

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You may be sick of hearing about these playroom projects. Eventually, I'll finish and tour you through the madness. Promise!

In unrelated news... as of tomorrow night, I can tick one more course off my list in my Master's program! Whoo-hoo!! I may just make it! Unfortunately, my projects and blog posts are suffering a bit because I have to invest so much more of myself into school these days. I hope you'll forgive the distraction!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Chatty Chics
Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! Thank you for inspiring one of my projects this week.

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Check back tomorrow for the details on how I created this new artistic addition to the boys' playroom for a total of $18!