Good in Theory

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Are you ready to run down one thousand rabbit holes?

Let's start with my husband.

I mentioned that I would like a clear case for my iPhone for Christmas so I could do this:

Love this!! Found it on Pinterest {of course!}.

So, a clear case like this runs around $30. Imagine my husband's delight when he found "clear" silicone cases online for $3.

Sadly, not quite the same thing {but thanks for trying, honey!}. I sort of tucked it away in my nightstand and forgot about it.

Fast forward to my blogger "friend" Dixie, from

Last week, she posted about a beautiful case that she embroidered. I've seen these online ($20, plus shipping) and was tempted to purchase before. Once I saw hers, I was very inspired. It. Is. Gorgeous.

My wheels started turning... and turning... I wondered if I could figure out a way to embroider my case.

I should tell you now that I've never hand embroidered anything, but my case was only a $3 investment so I decided to give it a try.

I started on my computer - designing subway art with inspirational phrases from the Gypsy Girl's Manifesto.

{Yeah, I don't make it very easy on myself, do I?}

Feel free to download this for yourself! 
Just add your own initial in the middle.

I printed my artwork on a piece of graphic cardstock, cut it to size, and began my embroidery journey!


Small letters are VERY hard to embroider through silicon. Painfully hard to embroider. Brutally, painfully hard to embroider.

Having said that, this concept is working great!! It is so easy to follow a printed pattern through the clear silicon. This would be a brilliant technique if my artwork was simpler.

The options are as broad as your imagination!

As for me, I'm going to fight my way through this one and order a few more cases. It won't be perfect, but it will be fun!

Hey! For $3 a pop, I might create an entire wardrobe for my cell phone.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!!