A Window Treatment

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Okay. You may be better off not knowing this about me, but I'm sharing anyway.

I have a security blanket in the form of a bright pink fluffy robe. Once I get home in the evenings, we rarely part company. We bonded during my last pregnancy and I just can't let go!

{Hang with me... I'm going somewhere with this.}

My studio has a window that faces the road and I've left it uncovered (no blinds!) to this point to take advantage of all the great natural light. The downside of that means that anyone driving by can see straight in at night and likely believes my home is occupied by a hot pink yeti.

So... yes... a little privacy is in order. Not just for my sake, but for my neighbors, as well...  and my children who have to go to school with their children... the list of those affected could go on and on!

{My Solution}

I used my Silhouette to cut this pattern out of frosty Contact Paper to create a pretty, privacy screen of sorts.

It was time consuming. I had to cut one shape at a time because Contact Paper does not cut the same way that a roll of Silhouette vinyl does. It's thinner and the blade cut right through the paper backing in several places. I then had to place each shape by hand. Transfer paper wouldn't work for this project.

Once placed, I used an Xacto knife and ruler to trim around the edges.

The addition of a single panel allows for natural light during the day and total privacy in the evenings.

I'm fairly pleased with the results. A good solution for a problem that clearly carries such high risk!

And all because of my bright pink fluffy robe.