Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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Well, this has been one of the darkest and dreariest weekends that Georgia has seen in a long time. Tornado warnings, golf-ball sized hail, torrential rain... we've had it all.

I had grand plans for the project that I was going to tackle this weekend, but had to revise things a bit because I couldn't work outside. Instead, I decided to start on my kiddos' art center in their playroom.

{Note the word "start." I didn't finish everything, but wanted to share my progress.}

Here's the before.

Nothing much to look at. Nothing inspirational. The art supplies are in a closet around the corner - out of sight, out of mind. My oldest son has outgrown the little table. It's a space in desperate need of a makeover! 

So, today I created a wall system for their art supplies. A place where all of the colors, markers, and paints can be seen and used.

To make 2 of these wall units, I used:
  • 1 8' 1"x4" board - to be cut into 2 lengths
  • 2 woven baskets
  • 4 large Mason jars
  • 4 small Mason jars
  • 8 hose clamps
  • A variety of wood screws
  • 6 small washers

So, here's where I started... 

No, it's not the scene of a horror movie.

{Having said that, it might be the scene of a horror movie once my husband discovers I shared a photo of this mess.}

These are leftover materials from the construction of our house. I saved them all from the dumpster. Just think of the project potential!

I found a suitable board (MDF, actually) and laid out my basket and jars to determine how long each board needed to be cut. 

For my design, I needed 2 36" boards.

{Whoo-hoo! Who's the chick working the compound miter saw? Yup. Power tools are my friends.}

Once I had my boards cut, I went to work on 2 coats of white paint. This step was a bit painful for me because I had to work indoors due to the weather. {Do you like how I improvised with the Mega Blocks?}

While the paint was drying, I measured my hose clamps by tightening them around my jars. {Improv again! Who needs a flat head screwdriver?}

I marked the center back to determine where to create a hole for mounting the clamps to the painted board.

To create the screw pilot holes, I used a heavy duty nail and hammer. Tap, tap, tap, WHAM! Instant hole.

The boards dried quickly so I mounted them to the wall studs with 3" wood screws, using washers to reinforce the screws (not necessary if you are using REAL wood).

I then added my clamps, baskets, and jars with 1" wood screws.

I secured the clamps around the large jars as tight as I could get them, but left the small jars loose so that the kids could easily remove them.

I tossed in a few of the art supplies and, instantly, my kids wanted to color.

I mentioned that I built 2 of these. I'll be sharing the final photos next weekend. I have a few more elements to add to the wall and some new (old) furniture coming in.

It's going to be awesome! Be sure to come back for the reveal.

Have a great week ahead!