Box Jewelry

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I'm still in the process of organizing and decorating my studio space. The layout is a little odd because the ceilings slope with the shape of the roof. There is plenty of room, but I've had to get creative with my shelving units.

But we're getting there!

I purchased 2 of these from IKEA and they fit perfectly, laid on their sides under the slopes - with room to place baskets, tools, or sewing machines on top.

During my last trip, I picked up these great green storage boxes to hide my messy stacks of fabric. {Immediate improvement!!!}

So, these handy boxes have a space for labels, but that would be too easy. Not only that, I'm terrible with labels. Want proof?

These drawers don't even contain the materials as labeled.

So, I decided to have a little fun dressing up these boxes, in a way that is beautiful and functional.

I used the label holder {?} as a frame for a lovely piece of artistic paper and created a "charm" out of Shrinky Dinks.

{I still LOVE to play with Shrinky Dinks. They are magical.}

I created my artwork using a free download I found on the beautiful blog, Webster's Pages, as the background for my charms.

Here are my files for your own Shrinky Dink creations. They are already formatted for printing. Just add your text, select "Transparency" as your paper setting, and print away!

The artwork will look washed out, but don't worry! The color will saturate during the baking process.

Cut out and don't forget to punch a hole to accommodate your jump ring before you move on to the next step. {I forgot to do this during my first try! Yeah... I did this project 3 times.}

Bake according to the instructions included in your Shrinky Dink package.

{Learn From My Mistakes}
Instead of baking on top of a paper bag, I use wax paper. I have had a lot of trouble with my Shrinky Dink projects losing their shape in the oven. I contacted the company and they recommended wax paper. It has worked brilliantly!

Spray your Shrinky Dinks with sealant/varnish and let dry for 24 hours.

Cut several lengths of ribbon.

Add your jump rings to create your charms and tie to your boxes. I created a simple addition with a bead and jump ring.

I think little things like this help to make a creative space really special. I really love the idea of using the label holder as a frame.

I mentioned that I did this project 3 times. Remember? Well, I have several tags that I printed, but didn't cut out. I'd be happy to send them your way so you can have some Shrinky Dink fun. Just leave a comment below and I'll select someone at random on Friday to send a set to.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend! I have been wildly unproductive and lazy. I guess we all need those every once and a while!

Here's to a productive week ahead!