Handmade for Christmas

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Hello, friends!!!

I survived my first semester of grad school! I finished class this past Thursday and I couldn't run fast enough back to my studio... just to sit there... and sigh with relief.

Actually, first, I ran to Michael's. No kidding. I needed retail therapy.

Here are a few of my fun finds.

Needless to say, my creativity was overflowing this weekend!

As usual, I've been planning to make a few of my Christmas gifts for friends this year. In preparation, I ordered a substantial collection of glass tiles and findings from Sun and Moon Craft Kits a few weeks ago. It's been taunting me ever since.

So, yesterday, I wasted no time in getting started with my gift-making merriment!

First on the list: JEWELRY!!!

I used a sheet of glittered card stock for a very glamorous set of earrings with a matching pendant for the most glamorous person I know, Megan of Maison.

I used the glaze that I purchased from Sun and Moon to coat the back of my glass tiles. I then laid the tiles directly on top of the sheet of card stock and let them dry for several hours.

For my second set of jewelry, I wanted to use some vintage fabric from my collection. Before adhering my tiles, I ironed some applique interfacing to the back of the fabric to ensure the edges wouldn't fray.

Once dry, I cut around the tiles and trimmed the excess card stock (and fabric) from around the perimeter of each tile.

I then added another layer of glaze to seal the back of the tiles and allowed it to dry overnight.

Once dry, I added my findings.

I absolutely love, love, love the way these turned out! I especially love the vintage fabric. I can't wait to make more!

Come back tomorrow to see more fun with glass tiles!

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