Finally! An art wall!

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My oldest son is an excellent artist. He's displayed talent since he was just a tot.

{I'm a proud mama... Can you tell?}

I've never had a good way to showcase his masterpieces. I always intend to frame them or scan them for some massive future display project. But there's just never enough time (or money) for that.

One of my major problems is our refrigerator. It's big and beautiful and stainless steel. Not magnet friendly.

So, during my break, I was determined to complete an art wall.

Here's the before.

My first step was the magnetic board. I picked up a basic board at IKEA and covered it with fabric, using Mod Podge. I used the same technique to apply the fabric as my pizza pan project.

The corners were a little tricky.

Once the board was finished, I turned my attention to cutting a wall decal with my Silhouette. I found this saying on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for the wall.

{Okay. I was going from memory and I accidentally changed the order of the words. I also forgot to include a comma. That is forthcoming. Promise!}

Here's the end result!

Whatcha think? It's simple, but I absolutely love it. And the magnets that I made last week are just right!

I can't wait to use it in the year to come. Here's to a happy 2012!!