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Yep... I've been takin' care of business all weekend long! I'm trying to clear some items off of my "to do" list so that they won't be hanging over my head during the holidays.

The great news {for me, anyway} is that I've got some time off this week and have several creative projects to tackle! So, I'll be posting throughout the week, instead of waiting for the weekend.


Moving on to more fun business... look what came in over the weekend!!

My 7-year-old was so excited to see his handiwork on display in the magazine. This has been such an amazing experience.

Next on the agenda...

I really, really enjoyed reading all of your suggestions for what I should do with my sports letters. You ladies are such an inspiration!

I smiled, ooh and ahh'd, and slapped my head a few times, thinking "That's genius! Why didn't I think of that?"

{I actually have a board dedicated to these moments on Pinterest.}

The random number generator {yes, I've moved on from scrap paper in a bucket} selected Katie to receive a little bundle of these appliques for her own project. Congratulations, Katie!!

I look forward to sharing with you what I finally decided to do with the letters. Please check in with me again to find out if I'm successful.

{fingers crossed}

And finally, two minor announcements...

You may now find Always a Project at always-a-project.com and on Facebook at facebook.com/alwaysaproject! {I know, I know... I'm late to the party!}

My interaction with each of you is what makes this effort so special. I hope that Facebook will help us to exchange ideas even more often. So, if you log on, please "Like" my page.

Happy Monday! I look forward to touching base with you again throughout this holiday week!