Let's Talk Skirts

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I have fallen deep into the "mommy trap."

You know... the one that convinces you to head to the kids' department instead of where you'd really rather be.

Oh wait! Are you there with me? Give me a wave!

For years, I've preached to my own mother about the need to enjoy shopping for herself. She deserves it! And I can see that it's really a struggle for her to break out of the "do only for others" mindset.

And, now, I've found that I've arrived. Motherhood. Wow. It changes a woman's life in every way possible.

Having said all of that, this week, rather than shopping, I decided to make something for myself. Skirts and more skirts!

I used a McCall's pattern - M3830 - for all three skirts.

Do you remember my most recent skirt disaster? Well, I had just enough fabric to make another one - one that fits!

And, yes, it is about 3 inches shorter than I'm usually comfortable with, but it's so stinkin' cute! I wore it to work this week and received so many compliments on it. A lady even stopped me in the grocery store to tell me how much she liked it.

As an aside, I was reviewing some of my older "pins" on Pinterest and look at this skirt that I pinned months ago!!! Completely unplanned. Totally crazy!

Sometimes, though very rarely, I'm in harmony with the fashion universe.

Here is second skirt that I made. Not really inspired by anything in particular. The fabric was on sale at fabric.com and I fell in love.

The third skirt is a funny story.

I was inspired by this skirt from Shabby Apple {minus the humongous flower}.

First the pictures...

Second, the confession...

It's made from decorator fabric! Some that I had left over from another project. It has such a pretty sheen and nice body so I decided to give it a try.

It actually turned out to be my favorite of the three.

It only took me about an hour per skirt and the pattern was so simple to execute.

$1 for the pattern and less than $15 dollars in materials for all three skirts.

There is no reason not to have a closet full of pencil skirts for every occasion now!

So, go forth and make a skirt!