Quality Over Quantity... Right?

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I wanted to hop on to give a quick update. I have been so negligent!

I am in the throws of reading for my classes in Research {that's reh-search, not ree-search} and Leadership Theory. I also had to complete an enormous set of online modules for research certification.

Talk about a creative suck.

However... I am working on a number of projects that I will be sharing with you shortly. More skirts, a skirt do-over, window treatments, and floor/bench pillows! They are all cut and strewn about in my studio.

Much to my husband's dismay. {He's a bit of a neat-freak.}

Having said all of that, I did manage to have a bit of fun this weekend. Lots of opportunities for creative photography!

We went to the annual Thriller Dance on Friday.

My friend, Chris, danced as Lord Voldemort among a crowd of Muggles. So funny! And this photo could not have turned out more perfect.

Saturday was full of fall fun as we took the kids to eat at the Whistle Stop Cafe - the one from Fried Green Tomatoes...

Followed by an oxen cart hayride at the pumpkin patch. What an awesome experience!

And, finally, Sunday saw a photography session with my boys in the middle of a huge hay field. 

What a perfect fall weekend {minus all of the homework}!

I'm eager to find time to finish my outstanding projects to share with you. I also have another super-exciting personal announcement coming later in the week.

Stay tuned my friends!! I'm not going away... just learning to balance it all!