An Inspired Collection

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I have a big thing for antique books. There is just something about owning something that was created when processes were so different. Printed and bound books are so special. Even the stains and creases of the pages give old books a unique personality.

I tend to purchase a lot of book pages, too. I count them as art.

Here is some of the history that I have framed around my home.

These were wedding gifts. This book was printed in 1899.

I found these botanical book pages from a vendor in Atlanta. 1864. They are my favorites.

I can't remember the year these fashion pages were printed, early 1900s I believe, but what makes them so special is the color. They were hand colored. 

I have them hanging in my closet for a little inspiration!

Here is a collection of pages that I purchased on eBay. I was inspired by a room in a PotteryBarn catalog. I created the same effect for a fraction of the price! 

{I did splurge on the bedding}

And finally, here is some wall art that I created from an old cowboy comic book from the 1950s. The book was in terrible shape when I purchased it so I didn't feel too bad about using the pages.

I mounted them with 3D dots onto scrapbook paper and painted the frames with a crackle finish.

Do you collect anything unusual? What makes your collection special to you?