I wanted to hop on to give a quick update. I have been so negligent!

I am in the throws of reading for my classes in Research {that's reh-search, not ree-search} and Leadership Theory. I also had to complete an enormous set of online modules for research certification.

Talk about a creative suck.

However... I am working on a number of projects that I will be sharing with you shortly. More skirts, a skirt do-over, window treatments, and floor/bench pillows! They are all cut and strewn about in my studio.

Much to my husband's dismay. {He's a bit of a neat-freak.}

Having said all of that, I did manage to have a bit of fun this weekend. Lots of opportunities for creative photography!

We went to the annual Thriller Dance on Friday.

My friend, Chris, danced as Lord Voldemort among a crowd of Muggles. So funny! And this photo could not have turned out more perfect.

Saturday was full of fall fun as we took the kids to eat at the Whistle Stop Cafe - the one from Fried Green Tomatoes...

Followed by an oxen cart hayride at the pumpkin patch. What an awesome experience!

And, finally, Sunday saw a photography session with my boys in the middle of a huge hay field. 

What a perfect fall weekend {minus all of the homework}!

I'm eager to find time to finish my outstanding projects to share with you. I also have another super-exciting personal announcement coming later in the week.

Stay tuned my friends!! I'm not going away... just learning to balance it all!
This is a project that I've been meaning to tackle for awhile. I was inspired by this photo that I discovered on Pinterest, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

While I was not interested in creating laundry storage, itcertainly got my creative wheels a turnin'!

I don't know about you, but I don't think it ispossible to have too many storage options. I'm always looking for new ways tostash my stuff! My thought for this project was to create a more structured bagsystem to store my sewing gadgets, but utilize the embroidery hoops as hanginghardware.

If you have ever made a tote bag, you will be very familiarwith the assembly of these bags. Super simple…

For each bag, you will need:

{1} scrap of fabric (14"h x 22" w)
{1} scrap of fabric in a coordinating theme or color (14"h x22" w)
{1} 6" embroidery hoop

I added a layer of fusible interfacing just fora little extra stability.

Take your outside fabric, fold in half lengthwise, and sew a 1/2" seam along the side.

Press your seam open and sew another 1/2" seam along the bottom of your bag.

Trim the corners of your bottom seam.

Open your bag and pinch the bottom corners together.

Sew a seam across the corner to make a boxed bottom. I sewed a 4" seam to create a substantial base to my bag.

Cut the corners off below your seam.

Turn the your bag right-side out. This is what the bottom should look like.

Follow the exact same steps for the lining of your bag, but do not turn it right-side out.

Insert your lining into the outer bag and turn a 1/2" hem towards the outside of the bag.

Stitch in place. I used a zigzag stitch for a little more character.

Fold the top down toward the outside approximately 2". Insert the inner ring of your embroidery hoop under the folded edge. Place the outer ring of the embroidery hoop on the outside of the bag, directly over the inner hoop and tighten.

Mount your rod, add one S-hook per bag, and hang in place!

I only made three bags, but I plan to add a few more when I have time. They are so cute! I love the way they are structured, but still have a soft, whimsical feel.

Have a wonderful week ahead! I'm going to try to get my front door decorated for Halloween this week. I have a fun idea that I hope works out. I never know until it's too late!

Check out who featured this project!

I mean, who isn't? It's one of my favorite celebrations of the year.

We didn't participate in Halloween when I was a kid, for religious reasons. My dad was the pastor of a conservative church so we did the "Fall Festival" thing, rather than "Trick or Treat."

I won't say that I feel like I missed out on anything, but I definitely have a lot of time to make up for!

Now that I have kids, Halloween seems bigger than ever! Our neighborhood rallies for a party and hayride around the subdivision so the kids can safely go from door to door. It's so much fun for everyone!

It truly depends on how busy my schedule is, but I have tried to make my kids costumes over the years. I think that's a special part of the occasion. Anyone can buy a costume off of the Target rack, but handmade costumes hold up better and are way more fun!

Last year, Dylan was Mario and we had so much fun putting his costume together! I used a simple pants pattern {Simplicity 5284} to make his overalls. I extended the top of the pants to reach chest-height, sketched out and cut arm holes to create the bib, and cut 2 strips to make the shoulder straps.

Super easy!

I used an online tutorial {found here} for his hat and made him a felt mustache. Here's a download for you of the mustache pattern.

This year, he wants to be a blue ninja and I'm having the hardest time finding a pattern that will work! Any suggestions?

I made this scarecrow costume for Dylan when he was 2 {Simplicity 4024}.

Ryder will wear it this year. Score one for hand-me-downs!

{Sorry, baby.}

What are you making for Halloween? It is such a creative time of year!!
I knew this would happen! I know myself too well...

I'm having a very hard time with life balance this month. And probably next month. **sigh**

I'm getting into the swing of things with my school responsibilities. Homework is so time consuming! It was so much easier when I was a carefree undergrad. I'm in class until 9 p.m. on Monday night, but then the rest of the week is spent getting ready for the next class. Reading, research, writing... repeat.

Soccer is also back in season. So, two nights each week I run straight from work to daycare to the soccer field. Which also means, I don't get dinner going until close to 8 p.m.

Good Lawd! I am so tired. My day starts at 6 a.m. and ends around 11 p.m. {if I'm lucky}.

Somehow, between work, school, soccer, kids, and an assortment of other responsibilities, I have managed to finish a couple of projects:

First, I've given the site a new look. I loved the "borrowed" elements, but I felt that I needed to incorporate my own design. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Second, I completed a shirt that I started this summer {McCalls M5977}. And, it's beautiful.

And I can't wait to wear it... next summer.

Third, I've also completed my next DIY Fall Wardrobe piece - a chic chevron pencil skirt! It was such a simple pattern {McCalls M6038}.

I'd love to model it for you.

But I can't get in it.

The size I measured and cut wound up being too small.

Do you think I have room to add "Diet" to my current weekly schedule?

I have a big thing for antique books. There is just something about owning something that was created when processes were so different. Printed and bound books are so special. Even the stains and creases of the pages give old books a unique personality.

I tend to purchase a lot of book pages, too. I count them as art.

Here is some of the history that I have framed around my home.

These were wedding gifts. This book was printed in 1899.

I found these botanical book pages from a vendor in Atlanta. 1864. They are my favorites.

I can't remember the year these fashion pages were printed, early 1900s I believe, but what makes them so special is the color. They were hand colored. 

I have them hanging in my closet for a little inspiration!

Here is a collection of pages that I purchased on eBay. I was inspired by a room in a PotteryBarn catalog. I created the same effect for a fraction of the price! 

{I did splurge on the bedding}

And finally, here is some wall art that I created from an old cowboy comic book from the 1950s. The book was in terrible shape when I purchased it so I didn't feel too bad about using the pages.

I mounted them with 3D dots onto scrapbook paper and painted the frames with a crackle finish.

Do you collect anything unusual? What makes your collection special to you?