Have I Crossed the Line?

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Before explaining myself, let me give you the backstory…

Once upon a time, Fabric.com used to host massive warehouse sales. And they were AWESOME! We’d head up to Atlanta, stand in line among the other textile addicts, and once the doors opened, it was mayhem! Every woman for herself!

My favorite tables were the remnants. You could purchase by the pound. I would dig through all of the amazing fabrics and pull out anything that looked remotely interesting. I would come home with garbage bags full of fabric!

At the last sale, I came home with a yard and a half of this:

And it’s been sitting, forgotten, in my stash for nearly two years now. As I was unpacking my boxes, I started pulling out yardage that I could use for garment patterns. For some reason, this fabric said, “Turn me into a skirt!”

So, I did.

As I was cutting my pattern pieces (Cynthia Rowley, Simplicity 2512), I read the information on the selvage. The pattern name?

“Barnyard Friends”

Um, what? I couldn’t believe that I was making a skirt – to wear in public – out of a quilting fabric named “Barnyard Friends.”

It totally changed my impression of what I was looking at. But, I persevered and finished my first fall garment.

But, I ask you… do you think this is fashionably acceptable or have I crossed the line that convinces women that “Mom Jeans” are okay to wear? Have I lost touch?

While you’re mulling over your answer, please enjoy this classic SNL skit:

Whatcha think? Does it work? Or have I lost my better judgement?