A Rockin' Tee-Pee

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I finished it!! Finally! The tee-pee for my boys' playroom is complete.

This was a tough project to finish because I'm so limited on working space right now and it required a lot of fabric.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to use a painter's dropcloth for this project. It was the perfect solution - affordable and paintable. I really wanted to get Dylan in on the creative process and it was a blank canvas for us to enjoy together.

I set no expectations for the creative touches so Dylan had free reign to paint whatever he wished. I'm not sure exactly what his plan was, but we worked it out together!

I'll be honest... it was tough to let him do his own thing. I worked so hard on the construction of this piece. I suppressed my instinct to say, "Why are you painting a big yellow blob like that?"

I used Butterick Pattern #4251 and didn't deviate much from the instructions. I did add pole covers to the top. I just didn't like the look of PVC pipes sticking out.

To create the pole covers, I cut six strips of canvas, 3" x 37". I hemmed the short ends 1/2", sewed 1" button holes about 6" from each end to align with the drilled holes in the pole, folded the strip in half with right sides together, stitched along each long side, and turned right side out.

I also used 3/4" pipes, rather than the 1" pipes the pattern called for. That small change saved about $2 per pole.

I love the effect.

And the boys LOVE the tee-pee!

Mark one more item off of my to-do list!! Onward to the next project!