Lowe's, Creative Headquarters

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Kimberly and I have decided that Lowe's is the new Michael's. They have creative solutions for just about every project.

We had a lunch date at Lowe's this week to pick through their wide variety of washers - of the metal disk kind, not the clothes washing sort.

We were a sight to see - kneeling on the floor, laying out patterns with washers, in heels and skirts.

Our inspiration came from this project pinned on Pinterest, courtesy of wherethelovelythingsare.com.

All I needed to complete this project were washers and embroidery thread. I had chain and jump rings left over from my previous necklace project to finish this one.

I wanted to go for an ombre effect with my color scheme.

{The other thread pictured is for a second necklace.}

It took an entire skein of thread to wrap my large washer, which I did first. In retrospect, I should have started on the smaller washers to refine my technique. I would highly recommend for you to do the same. You want your focal point to look it's best!

I threaded a large needle to facilitate the wrapping process.

I used Super Glue to secure the end of the thread to the back of the washer. I also used a bit to hold the threads in place when I finished wrapping.

To join the pieces together, I did two figure 8's between washers.

I added a jump ring to the last washer on each side. No special process there. I just wove it into the threads as I was wrapping.

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I added my chain and a lobster clasp and it was done! I love the sheen of the thread. I don't think you would ever know that basic washers were underneath it all.

Aren't we lucky to live in such creative times? I love the handmade movement. It's such a great way to express your own perspective and to give someone something really special.

On an unrelated subject, I have exciting news to share! We're moving into our new house next week! It has been exactly one year since I saw my belongings. To be honest, I haven't really missed a thing - except my serger.

I'll have to share some pics of the finished house. Talk about one massive, exhausting, creative project! I'm so glad it's nearly done. Please say a prayer for me that the move goes smoothly.

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great week!