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It's been 2 weeks! Eek! My first thought... where did the time go? My second thought... it seems like ages since I've posted!

So, I've mentioned that we're building a house, right? Well, we're to the point where completion is so close, but there are so many decisions to make! I spent last weekend running around Atlanta, looking at flooring and cabinets. Paint colors had to be selected by last Sunday. Oh my gosh! There are so many options for everything. It's overwhelming, and this is the third house we've built!

{Confession} I actually had a meltdown in the flooring store. I sound like a brat, right? I don't mean to. Really. I just hit my breaking point.

A friend of mine sent me this diagram. Pretty self-explanitory and right on target.

Then, I had to travel to Orlando for a conference this week. Nothing but technical talk from 9-5! This little guy kept me company in my condo.

I finally made it back home last night. And, I swear, my baby aged 3 months during the 5 days I was gone!

So, on to the creative talk... after all, that's what you stopped by for, right?

We have our second Modish workshop tomorrow afternoon and it promises to be a great time! We're making Shrinky Dink jewelry... my latest obsession. Here are a few of the new pieces that I've made.

I'll be posting a tutorial for these little gems tomorrow. The rings were somewhat tricky to figure out. Once I got the technique down, it was easy.

On to my next experiment for the weekend... finger-weaving jersey knit bracelets! Not only is it a new creative outlet, but also a great use of the scraps I had left over from my scarf project. Check out the tutorial by following the link above. And, if you have a few moments, watch Vanessa's how-to video. It will give you a good laugh.

Here's my pile of scraps, errr... future accessories. So cool!!!

I've made one bracelet so far, but it is the essence of a first attempt - a good effort, not something to show off! Isn't it a great feeling to squeeze another project out of left-over materials?

I'll be channeling most of my creative energy into home decor projects during the coming weeks. My husband has been dropping major hints about getting started on window treatments now that our paint colors have been selected. Isn't that sweet? I'm ready to get started!!

I'll have some Shrinky Dink printables available for you tomorrow, along with the tutorial. Please stop back by!