Oh, Those Boys

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Those Garza Boys. They sure do keep me on my toes.

Individually, today, they ruined the canvases that I had been working on for my sewing room.

It's funny, really. I heard "Ball!" and turned around just in time to see Ryder ripping off one of the little yarn balls that I'd created for 3-D effect. Then, Dylan decided that he would occupy the chair that I had my finished dress canvas sitting on and tore off the roses that I was so proud of.

He-he... "Ball!" Rip! He was so proud of his discovery. I may be able to salvage them. Maybe not.

I did successfully finish an Easter wreath and I love it!!

But, good lawd! If you ever see a wreath, covered {I mean, covered} with yarn-wrapped eggs, and it has a $100 price tag attached, buy it! It's worth every penny.

Do you know how long it took me to wrap these 3 eggs? FOR-EV-ER!

I quickly decided that the play of different textures would be much more effective in my design here. I know what you're thinking...

Lazy, lazy, lazy...

Guilty as charged. But I like it.