A Second Life

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It's been one of those crazy weeks. The kind where you get to the weekend and wonder what happened to the last five days.

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me what I was going to write about this weekend. I just stared at her blankly. It was already Friday and I had no real plan.

I did have a general idea about something that I'd like to tackle, just for kicks - in between to lunch dates, birthday parties and essential errands.

I stopped my mother from throwing out a clementine box earlier in the week. It had such a cool shape!! I'm not a hoarder, but, surely, there was something that this little gem could be used for.

Recently, I've seen some really beautiful creations made with old book pages. I've always loved old books - however, I don't usually destroy them. I visited the Old Book Sale this week and picked up a few that were on their last legs to have on hand in case of creative inspiration.

Sooo... clementine box in need of a makeover. Old books begging to be given new life. Why not give it a try?

Here are all of the supplies that I needed:

I simply ripped the pages (ouch!) into strips, coated the back of each piece with Mod Podge, and covered the entire surface of the crate.

My little boy joined in the fun. I gave him a shoebox, his own supply of Mod Podge, and away he went!

Here's the end result. It is something that I'll use in my sewing room for years to come.

I added a little something to the inside of the crate in case I ever wanted to use it as a frame for something special - sort of like a shadowbox.

You can do the same project with fabric. I can imagine a collection of these in coordinating fabrics, used in a kid's room, an office space, or even a kitchen. You could embellish with buttons or tie ribbons on each of the four posts. Your options are limitless!

Now, go enjoy some fresh fruit, repurpose your crate, and send some pictures my way. I'll post them here for everyone to enjoy!

Tomorrow's post will be all about completing my unfinished projects, a revision to a past tutorial, and an exciting announcement about a fun opportunity for you in March.

Be sure to come back!!