Ever Bloomin'

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Did you miss me this week? I've been looking forward to having the time to post this weekend.

Remember my tiny bouquet? Well, I decided to make a brooch. Inspired by one of my dearests, I wanted to make something that was a multi-tasker (of course!). This is a pin that can be worn any number of ways!

Here's how I did it.

My first thought was to make the leaves from an abstract scrap of fabric, but when I started digging through my stash, I came across something with a leaf pattern that was begging to be used.

So I cut out two of the leaves for my project, as well as a circle from one of the adjoining patterns that served as the anchor for the bouquet.

I then took a minute to glue a bead to the inside of each flower - both cute and functional. The beads helped to hide the basting stitch that I used to gather the flowers in a ruffle.

I pinched each of my leaves together at the base to create a pleated effect and hot glued into place on the circle that I cut for the back. Don't you love a hot glue gun? Is there anything it can't do?! Well, I know of one thing. A friend of mine in college thought it would be a good idea to use one for waxing purposes. I am cringing right now thinking about it. Poor, sweet girl.

But, I digress...

There is no magic method to putting this piece together. Just play around with your pieces until you like the effect. Then glue into place!

I piled on the flowers and added a pin to the back. You can pick up a pack of these from your local cr*ft store. Did you think I was going to type "the word"?

I mentioned being inspired by my friend, Megan, who recently blogged about using a brooch to dress up a headband. What a great idea! Unfortunately, I can't wear headbands. The plight of a big head. So I decided to add the brooch to a flexible barrette. 

And, ta-da! A little happy that is simple to make, beautiful, and practical. Kellie is modeling it here. I just love it. I've already made another for a friend of mine. And, it only gets better as it gets older. The unfinished edges will start to ravel and give it a whole new feel.

Want this one? Post a link to a project that you would like to tackle if you had the time. I'll select someone (who posts) to send it to this week.

I will be posting an update on the jean rug tomorrow. Sooo... much... cutting... it better be worth it in the end!