Cr*fty Sunday

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My friend, Jill, hosted nearly a dozen of us girls today for a wreath-making party. As an attempt to purge some of her fabric overload (which she appropriately blames on me), she invited us all to bring a grapevine wreath, a pair of scissors, and a snack. She shared her textile stash as we decorated our wreaths in simple fabric ties.

There were mountains of fabrics to pick through.

Techniques varied.

Even our youngest talents enjoyed the process.

No two people designed the same wreath. There were a lot of cherry blossom themes and spring inspired designs. All were beautiful!

Mine looked a bit like a second grader put it together. But that's okay. It's going in my boys' playroom. I attempted tying flowers, which started to shape up very nicely. I may work on it some more, but, then again, it's pretty whimsical like it is.

Oh, and remember my mention of Manhattans? Vile. Vile. Vile. I couldn't fake toleration. I have great respect for the chicas who finished their drinks. I opted for plain ol' water. 

See ya next weekend!